Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Are you Truly Thankful?

On my lunch break, I stopped at the gas station up the street from my job. I haven't been there in about a week so I had to talk for a while with the people I normally see everyday. There's almost always a group of homeless men that loiter in and around the store everyday. They're very nice to me and I always treat them the same way. Well, a new guy spoke to me, and I spoke back. He told me that he just came in to warm his food in the microwave. We talked about how cold it's been lately and he also said he's been homeless for a while. He asked, "Do you know how nice it is just to be able to have a hot meal?" Tears begin to sting my eyes. We talked about how he's so thankful just to be in the world. He said I've started back going to church and I'm happy. I know God loves me. WHAT A POWERFUL STATEMENT! I'm still fighting back tears. He asked, "Do you love me? I love you. You seem like a really nice lady." I told him yes, I do love you and I hope things get better for you. I paid for my coffee and that was that.

I can't stop thinking about him. He has no home, yet he's happy. He depends on the kindness of strangers just for a meal, and he's still smiling. This man seemed so content just with the fact that he opened his eyes this morning. I have a home, a car, a good job, family that loves me, and friends that I can depend on. So many of us are blessed with so much, yet we complain about the little that we don't have. We're like spoiled rotten little brats, and even the best that our Father gives is never enough.

Imagine how God feels, constantly offering us bliss and perfection and we choose to ignore his blessings because it doesn't come in the package that we want? He definitely does not deserve that! He gives us summer, but it's too hot. He offers rain to nourish the soil, but it's too wet for us. He cools us down in the winter, and we wish for spring.

We're not being fair.

Father God, I pray that you create in us acceptance, so that we may be content in our current situations and know that our circumstances do not define us. Lord open our eyes so that we may find a blessing in each and every thing that we see. Increase our Faith so that we are always aware that You love us even when the rest of the world seems to be against us. We give you all the Glory and we Magnify your Holy Name. You are our Creator and you deserve all the praise. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.

Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm In Love!

I've been having an affair for too many years to count. No matter how much fun we had, I would always feel empty afterwards. It always felt like there should be something else. I never really felt complete. I catered to him, but it was never enough. He always wanted more. I gave my time, my energy, and opened my heart over and over again for it to just be snatched out and stepped on.

But, there was always someone waiting for me. He was always patient, always kind. He encouraged me and picked me up when I'd fall. He was always there with an encouraging word or a listening ear. When I was upset, he would just hold me and remind me that he's here. He wanted to be my everything. I never understood why? I ignored him until I needed him. I rarely visited. He just wanted a chance and I wouldn't give it to him. Just when I would feel myself beginning to give in to his pleading, I'd run away. He would ask me to trust him, I'd say no because I'm afraid. He wanted to help me. I told him I was independent. He knew everything about me, but he still wanted me. He accepted me regardless of all the bad I'd done. That still amazes me.

I'm too tired. I can't run anymore. Well, all his pleading kinda got to me. I'm in love! It's amazing that he waited until I was ready to love him back. The first time I paid attention to his touch, I felt brand spanking new. He made all my senses come alive. I finally "found" the man of my dreams, and he's been here all along. It's like a fairy tale and finally I get to be the Cinderella. And yes, my glass slipper fits perfectly!

My only regret is that I didn't allow Christ into my life sooner...