Sunday, January 4, 2009

Domino Effect

I'm the type of person that really has a hard time committing to things. I seem to get bored really easily. I didn't like college because it was boring to me. It was a looooong time before I held a job for longer than 3 months. I have definitely grown a lot there. I would start to eat right, exercise & actually lose weight, then get tired of the same exercises or eating the same food and go right back to square 1. I'm sick & tired of being sick & tired & fat. This is gonna be my year to make a serious change. I researched for a looooong time about Natural hair and I just did it. I BC'd on 8/21/08. This change made me start thinking about my overall health. This led me to stop smoking. I buy more organic foods and products. I'm having more problems with my asthma SINCE I've stopped smoking. I think my body is trying to get back to normal. I'm not sure how long it takes. My sugar is a bit higher than what it should be and of course, I'm tired of taking the medicine. My goal, my resolution for 2009 is to get my diabetes and asthma under control through diet and exercise. I've joined SparkPeople. I started back walking at the track this evening. I will start cardio this week. My birthday is July 23rd. I wonder what I will have accomplished by then? I can do this.