Monday, August 24, 2009

Prayer Changes Things

I wrote last time about my cousin Marcus. He's doing better y'all! He's been moved into another room though still in ICU. He's still on Dialysis, but things look so much better now. Marcus is still on the vent, but it's no longer in his mouth, he's been upgraded to a trache in his neck now. He can mouthe words, so you can have a two sided conversation with him. His attitude is coming back too, he's rolling his eyes at the nurses. He's been in the hospital about 3 weeks now and to progress from a dire prognosis to smiling and eye rolling, we're seeing miracles right before our eyes! I saw him two nights ago and it took everything in me to keep from shedding tears. I was so happy to see him looking so good. He's still running a bit of a temperature, but I think that's to be expected for a little while. I talked to his sis and she says that she does appreciate all the love and prayers and even if she can't say thank you to each and everyone personally, you're definitely in her heart. Don't stop praying y'all. Prayer Changes Things!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Life's Handed us Lemons... We're Waiting on the Lemonade

Well, it's been a while since I've spoken with you guys. So much has happened. I got a call, one week ago today from my cousin at the hospital. She was frantic. Our like a brother, homey in the hood, bestest cousin Marcus got sick. He has been borderline diabetic for a very long time. It caught up with him. Normal levels are around 120, his sugar spiked to over 1600! His kidneys shut down, he was on the vent and once I got there he was sedated & nonresponsive. This is my son's God-Father. The one that dreamed big dreams with me when we were kids and one of the only friends I had that was true. He's still with us but his progress is slow. He's on dialysis but not 24/7. His kidney's are functioning barely. His sedation isn't as strong, so he will open his eyes and squeeze our hands. That's definitely a blessing. It's been so hard seeing him like this. I've heard all my life that whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger, and I believe that. Our family is a praying family so each and every one of us have been speaking positivity and life into Marcus one on one and gathered together. I hate to see my family down, but it's so wonderful to see how much he's loved. I wonder if he knows. The majority of his graduating class has been in his room by his side. Preachers and their families, neighbors, sisters and brothers from the church... Just watching his story unfold has opened my eyes to so many things. It's awful that we take life for granted and just expect the next day to be handed to us. It's not promised. Everything we do now determines what happens the next day, next week, next year in our lives. He's only 34. He hasn't lived yet. I have been keeping tabs on his progress and back and forth to the hospital just to hold his hand. I didn't realize just how much I loved Marcus until we almost lost him. Keep him in your prayers and I will be sure to update!