Monday, March 2, 2009

It's Been a While

Whew! It's been a looooong time since I've been here. I really have missed blogging. It was fun for a while, then we had no internet, soooooo..... I'm had several changes since my last post. I started locing my hair. Yaaaaaayyy for me! Then I stopped. I wasn't ready. We've moved into a house... That's a big happy hallellujah! I've also been planning my wedding, or trip to the JP, or quick run down the aisle, or whathaveyou. I'm totally crap when it comes to keeping resolutions, I'm not doing well at all as far as exercising, but I am eating right (majority of the time). I've lost a couple of pounds, but not a enough for anyone to notice. My water pipe burst at the new place, so the yard flooded and the bill was almost $500 aaaannnnddddd, my mama was ill for a bit and was in the hospital for observation for her heart. I smoked. Not lightly. I smoked HARD & HEAVY. But I'm back on the Chantix again. I don't want to need a cigarette & I guess it's just a battle to stop. I've done it before & I'll do it again. No probs. I've just got to fight that craving all over again. Imma do better & I'll try to post more. I'll show pictures of my ?locs? before and after takedown. Take care you!