Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well, What Had Happened Wuz....

I'm human, I know. No matter what, shiggity happens... I realize that, but does it always hafta happen to ME? I have prolly like the most pared down laid back life, but I'm ALWAYS ALWAYS SWAMPED! There's always sumpin (yeah I said it) goin down in my life or within my teeny tiny circle of folks. Well, I've moved from a pretty decent sized house to a itty bitty yes its so precious coochie coochie coo type of apartment... BUT WE GOT A POOL THOUGH! It took me a week to pack up the life of Sonya & DeMarius. It took about 4 hours to unpack it all. I drive a Suzuki, my BFF had a Kia Truck, and my nephew had the muscles outta this world along with a WHOLE LOTTA ENERGY! Three trips from the old place to the new one and nonstop movement, we're almost done! This happened on a Thursday night. So, Friday night me & D camped out at the new place, slept on the floor cuz repo dudes from my office were supposed to bring the furniture on Saturday and the cable guy "Sam" HI SAM!!! was comin to hook up Cartoon Network. Repo Dudes called and said, no, we can't do it today cuz the weather's bad and we don't wanna ruin your furniture and BLAH BLAH CRAPPITY CRAP, and dear flicted Sonya says, ummkay, that's fine. They agreed to come on tomorrow. AND OF COURSE ON SUNDAY THEY'RE A FRIGGIN NO-SHOW! So, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we camped out on that hard beautifully carpeted floor. By Monday morning I was walking with a limp and had a headache THIS BIG that was screaming for Excedrin and 1/2 of an inch away from a lil teensy weensy mini nervous breakdown cuz I STILL DIDN'T HAVE MY FURNITURE! And then my BFF, my ABC, my right hand, my homie in the hood made a few calls... An hour after her phone call, I had everything I owned in one place... And it only cost $20... NOW AIN'T THAT SUM FABULOSITY?! AT&T just visited yesterday to hook up some internet, so just as soon as I remember to get that phone cord, imma try blogging on the regular. We'll see what happens... And the dude that moved my furniture... Well, now that's another post :) PEACE & HAIR GREASE FOLKS!

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