Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Government Love ???

I had a heated conversation with some people the other day about women and children receiving government assistance. I was told that anybody that receives this government love is nothing, they're trash, living off the taxes that hardworking people like US pay... This bothered me. I have seen several families, I know some of them personally, that just will not work, simply because they don't want to. This pisses me off. I've also seen families with a mother & father that work each and every day to raise their kids and they just need a little bit of help. Then there's single parent families like mine where there's 1 parent raising a child that 2 people created. You make enough money to pay the bills, but not quite enough to buy groceries. Then you try to seek some kind of government assistance just for that little bit of help to make ends meet but you make $20 too much. So now, you've got to try to get a second job just to try and buy groceries and other incidentals for the house, but you've also got to pay a second sitter. And with the second job now you make too much to have the Medicaid/Chips benefits that you and your child BOTH need because you cannot afford the $250 monthly expense of insurance for the job. Which could possibly lead you to lying just to receive those benefits that you so desperately need in order for you and your child to get $500 worth of medicine for the month. I could go on and on and on about this very issue, but I really don't have the time. Every night before I close my eyes, I pray that God works through our President to help my family and other families though this. I've heard all my life that a man that doesn't work doesn't eat, but I don't think that meant that you should have to rob Peter and kick Paul in the nutz just to be able to hit up the grocery store. Pray on one accord with me y'all.

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  1. Wow, what a profound entry. I never think of it the way you put it because I'm in a 1.5 income household (my husband + my freelance writing work). No kids. Of course, it's easier to target the people on public assistance who seem to be doing nothing and going nowhere - having five babies by four guys and another baby on the way. I usually shake my head and ask, "What is she thinking???" But the truth is a lot of people have never seen anything else. Especially some of the young girls who are fourth generation public assistance seekers. I'm slowly learning to stop judging anyone because I just don't know their story and what they've gone through. Thanks for sparking the conversation.