Thursday, July 9, 2009

Press Your Ear to my Belly Button --- You'll Hear the Ocean!

Well, it's been a long time coming. I'm having surgery that will render me totally sterile & hollow on the inside. I've had (for so many years) so many "female" problems. I'm tired of dealing with it. I've gone through so much physical pain and tears and even a few surgeries because of it. I can't take birth control pills or use birth control in any form. I have so many issues with this. I had a tubal ligation a year after my first & only child was born. I went from a sexy size 18 to an extra large size 26 in just a matter of months because of the DepoProvera shot. I tried a Mirena IUD to stop some of the excessive bleeding, but that shifted inside me and I almost couldn't stand up. Allergies to latex, so you should know what I'm saying about that. I've had two endometrial ablations which is a procedure that uses a lighted viewing instrument (hysteroscope) and other instruments to destroy (ablate) the uterine lining, or endometrium. Neither of those worked. I am finally having a Robotic Laparoscopic Hysterectomy done. I am so excited. Instead of my downtime being 6-8 weeks, I will only be down for about 10 days! That's a big improvement. I'll still have an 8 week healing time though, so for a while, I'll have to depend on others for a bit of assistance. I was worried that I would lose my job if I had to be out that long, but the Lord has definitely made a way. I've put this off for years & tried everything else, but it's definitely time. I was so worried about bills and money while I was out and I have been blessed in a way that I will be able to comfortably rest at home without that worry. My mama will be there with me and she's been a nurse for like 140+ years, so I know I will be in good hands. I will ask that all the people who follow my blog and maybe even consider me a friend, please be on one accord with me and pray for me through this. I'm confident that I will come out on top because everything is already falling into place. My surgery will be on August 11, 2009. This surgery will cause me to go through instant menopause, soooooo, that's something to deal with in it's on rite. I expect to be hot and bitchy to a point but that's ok. I will try to go through this with no hormones & very minimal pain medicine, so if you guys know of any herbal alternatives, let me know. I'm really interested in surgery and medical vids, so I'm gonna include 1 here. The title is also a link to the youtube vid. If you can't deal with the sight of blood & innards DO NOT PRESS PLAY! It's definitely graphic. Love Yall!!!


  1. God's got your back you'll come thru this like it's nothing! I wish you well & a speedy recovery. I couldn't watch the vid don't like guts & blood. LOL

  2. God will see you through! I pray for a speedy recovery and maybe being a little hot and bitchy won't be so bad, LOL!