Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I've been tagged!!! Thanks Bianca

Bianca @ Bianca Speaks tagged me! I feel special! ***blushing*** Now I'm sposed to pass this on to 7 people. Since I don't really know that many folks, I'll just choose to tag whoever stops by. Go head, try it. I like this 1... Answer the following questions using only one word. where is your cell phone? Couch where is your significant other? Couch your hair color? Brown your mother? Home your father? Home your favorite thing? Hair your dream last night? hmmmm your dream/goal? Mentor the room you're in? den your hobby? Hair your fear? Stinking where do you want to be in 6 years? Loved where were you last night? Home what you're not? full one of your wish list items? Money where you grew up? Mississippi the last thing you did? Talked what are you wearing? nothing your tv? Christmas your pet? None your computer? Dell your mood? Content missing someone? nah your car? Suzuki something you're not wearing? Clothes favorite store? Books-a-Million your summer? Hot love someone? yeah your favorite color? Purple when is the last time you laughed? Now last time you cried? today are you a b*tch? yes favorite position? :o) favorite past time? Sleeping are you a hater or a lover? lover are you genuine or fake? Genuine any vices? Lazy pro life or wire hanger? Depends mccain or obama? Obama... pro plastic or natural? Natural. dream job? Mentor Your turn! :o)

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