Tuesday, November 11, 2008

They Can Just Kiss It!

Let me start by saying that I am normally a rather upbeat (to a point), positive (I try so hard), type of person, but lately. Ooooh Wee Jesus! These folks have been getting all up on my last nerve. And it's not even the customers. We've just been vibing and gettin along all good & wonderful. I'm even gettin along with the more evil, ghetto (gold birdsnest, weave-head, lollipop suckin, neck rollin), backwoods (size 20 with a size 8 pair of jeans & a shirt so short, the bottom belly hangs out, with dirty black feet) type of people. I just try to mirror them. When their neck starts to roll & their lips smack, I just do the same thing. I just have a smile on my face when I do it... Or maybe it's a smirk? Anyway, I'm having the big probs with the "massa". I'm so friggin sick of everyone questioning me, then undermining what I say. I know I prolly (yeah I said prolly) don't look very smart. I'd like to think I am. My mama & the federal government bought me an education. I'M THE ONLY EMPLOYEE AT THIS CRAPSHOOT COMPANY WITH ANYKIND OF DEGREE. But I digress... Ok, my major was something along the lines of puter programming & troubleshooting & all that jazz. NO, I'M NOT WORKING IN MY MAJOR CUZ I DON'T WANNA. But, I do know how to do a couple of thangs. We upgraded the systems here at the job & now the printers don't work. Ummkay, I know what's wrong. I could fix it in a matter of minutes. I offered to fix it for the $150 that they'd pay a technician to come out. My boss told me if I know what to do then I should do it for free cuz the owner would appreciate it and blah, blah, blah, kiss it, kiss it, kiss it. I told him if you'll pay someone to come out, and it'll take him 2 hours to get here, then you guys can cut me a check and pay me to do it right now. I even dropped it down to $100. He said no. Sooooo, I'm at work, but I have a day off. We can't do anything if the printers aren't working.... Now, you've gotta tell me if I'm wrong or not. :o)


  1. Now if anybody out here feels you, it's me. Child, I do so much pro bono work that it's crazy. I just stopped telling them what I can do and just let them bring in the tech who get paid. I used to run around checking teachers' computers when the only problem was the thing wasn't even plugged in! Ugggh. I don't even get a stipend for doing the tech work. To make matters worse, last week, they sent the computer teacher to the technology workshop but I do all the tech work. So, my working for free days are OVA!

  2. I don't think you were wrong at all! Yes, I do a lot of 'free' work too. Mostly it's running errands in my car burning up my gas and sometimes I just feel like driving home and not coming back. Then that voice pops in my head to remind me that I have children to feed and I snap out of it, LOL!