Monday, October 20, 2008

We Fall Down But We Get Up!!!

I have definitely had an angel in my corner all day long. She's been on my shoulder, laying across my back and assisting me in binding my tongue in the name of Jesus! Well y'all, today was my first non-smoking day and sadly I smoked. I smoked 3 cigarettes in all, and I'm not discouraged. If I am blessed with a tomorrow, then tomorrow will be my clean slate. And I wanted to personally say Thank You Sooooo Much for being my cheerleader Bianca. It means a lot and I greatly appreciate you! Anyway, this is the thing, my boss is on vacation so someone from our sales office is taking his place for the week. Why you ask? I'll tell you why. It's because I can do the damn job with my eyes closed & my hands tied behind my back, but I'm not allowed to touch the money. Well, I ain't trippin too bad b/c I'm the only Black woman there, so this does keep my name out of a lot of crap, but still. It's the principle of the whole thing! Anywho, I'm working with someone else who is absolutely NO help at all, so I'm doing 1000% extra and answering all the calls that come in & first this extremely ignorant troll proceeds to tell me that she didn't realize that she was speaking with me on the phone the other day because I sound so WHITE. She said because I sounded so professional, she just had no idea that I was black, so I stifled my curse words & sat on my fists & said Thank you and have a blessed day. Then when she left I flipped the bird at her account. Okay, I really didn't feel much better, but I got that pressure off I suppose. Then I had a wonderfully satanic customer to call for a payoff. I proceed to give her this information in my very professional WHITE voice and I say Ma'am, I'm showing your account 19 days past due & you only have a 10 day grace period. I would like to find out when you'll be able to make your next payment. She begins screaming, then told me I was a N***er! WELL, I was just flabbergasted. I wanted to act juvenile and say, YO MAMA! But I didn't. I told her that a N***er is a person of ignorance, she's judging me without knowing anything about me which would make her the N***er. I don't think she was pleased because she said she was gonna come & put the powwow on me. I told her okay, I'm the only black woman in the office & I gave her the address and added that I hope she has a wonderfully blessed day. Anyway, that's still no excuse for the smoking thang. And what's so bad (or good since I'm trying to stop) is the fact that I can't taste the cigarettes anymore anyway. It's just a matter of habit. I am definitely trying to break the habit of smoking at certain times like when I'm breathing or when I'm awake or u know, times like that.


  1. Girl! You are so welcome for the cheerleading. But you got me crackin up over here! I read your post while I was stuffing my face and almost choked on my turkey necks. Yeah, I'm eating turkey necks. At any rate, you always make me laugh. Preesheratecha!

  2. I applaud you for the way you handled yourself. You can't let people take you there no matter what.